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Reflect, Refine, Renew

September 23-25, 2012

There are many excellent choices among independent schools. We must ask ourselves, “What is the unique vision of Madeleine Sophie, now articulated in the Goals and Criteria, that we seek to make explicit in today’s marketplace?” This conference will help us refine and communicate our way of forming leaders for the 21st century

Janet Erskine Stuart reminds us that "To aim at the best and to remain essentially ourselves is one and the same thing.” Participants will share and develop marketing messages and retention strategies for this time of increased demand for "value propositions" that are consistent with the timeless values and spirituality of the Sacred Heart tradition.

Participants will work together to define struggles their local community is facing and learn a process to help identify and focus their identity in order to build strength for the future. Please note there will be no handouts distributed. Any handouts provided by the speakers and additional resources will be posted at this site. Notes will be taken or contributed by various conference attendees. Pages for collaborative work are listed in the agenda below.

Epochs of transition keep us on the alert. They ask us to keep our eyes open on distant horizons, our minds listening to seize every indication that can enlighten us; reading, reflecting, searching must never stop; the mind must keep flexible in order to lose nothing, to acquire any knowledge that can aid our mission or serve for our development. --Janet Erskine Stuart

Sunday, September 23

5:00PM Mass and Dinner
Discussion of admission/retention issues

Monday, September 24

8:30AM Opening Prayer Service

9:00AM Clarity vs. Complexity: How to Find a Single Concept to Unify Disparate Parts

11:00AM A Process for Building the Single Concept

1:30PM Messages Built Around a Concept – How Schools “Market” Sacred Heart

3:30PM Break Out Sessions:
Marketing Your Internal Message - Tony Farrell
Faculty and Staff as Admissions Team - Madeleine Ortman, Executive Director, Network of Sacred Heart Schools
Marketing Our Schools as Catholic Schools - Maureen Glavin, rscj, Headmistress, Academy of the Sacred Heart - St. Charles (MO)
Enrollment Management Plan - Jen Butler, Schools of the Sacred Heart - San Francisco (CA)

Tuesday, September 25

9:00AM Opening Prayer

9:15AM Sharing of Mission-focused marketing materials

10:30AM Small groups will share ideas about Pocket Guide to Sacred Heart Education

11:30AM Large Group sharing and reflecting

12:00PM End of conference

12:15PM Optional Sacred Heart School tours provided by Woodlands Academy and the Josephinum Academy

Please click here to complete the conference evaluation. Please submirt your evaluation by Friday, September 28, 2012. Thank you!

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